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Roger is on fire: East Galaxy Gaming Logo

In addition to the proving grounds game logo, Roger has also finished the East Galaxy Gaming team logo. Thumbs up if you like it!

Proving Grounds Logo

Roger has just finished the logo of our game. Thumbs up if you like it!


East Galaxy Gaming is gaining momentum!

The second week of pre-production hast just begun but the team is already rolling. The programmers and game designer are prototyping gameplay mechanics, the 3D artists are starting with modelling the first assets and  the visual effects team is creating nuclear explosion effects :).

By the end of this week we will provide our prototypes to all playtesters who are interested in providing their feedback and help shaping the game. All PC-Gamers who play  1st person shooters are welcome to participate. Please send your requests via the contact form on our website ( All playtesters will be mentioned in the credits of the game!

Pitch approved

Our pitch is approved and now we can start with preproduction. Now we must define our vision and we will update you as soon as possible with new stuff and release candidates of our game.

The pitch version of our game can be downloaded at the Download Area.

Pitch tomorrow

We take a optimistic foresight!

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