Robert Kram
Game Production
Robert studied IT Service Management (Bachelor of Arts) in Schmalkalden and then spent three years as an SAP Consultant for large and medium-sized enterprises. Since October 2016 he has been working as a game producer.
He assumes the role of the scrum master and is in charge for organization, social media, website and youtube.
Markus Buschek
Game Production
Markus studied information technology and business administration in Munich. After graduating he worked for several companies who produced software for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2016 he decided to leave this industry behind and started studying game production at Games Academy Berlin. In February 2017 he initiated the foundation of east galaxy gaming and shaped the team that works on proving grounds until now.
He assumes the role of the product owner and is in charge for the overall product quality.
Christian Böhnke
Game Design
Before Christian started his game design career at the Games Academy Berlin, he worked as a freelance camera assistant and worked mainly in the area of electronic news gathering (outside broadcast). Since his reorientation to game design he has worked on two titles.
Even though Christian is passionate about all areas of game design, he currently focuses on level design, balancing and game testing.
Melanie Cech
Art & Animation
Melanie is a trained healthcare professional who worked in this industry for more than six years. For many years, Melanie was a passionate gamer who was also interested in painting, drawing and motion design. When she felt the need to reorient her professional live it came natural to her that she wants to be part of game development. In the course of her studies at the Games Academy,
Melanie has worked on two project with a focus on motion design and animation.
Steven Drust
Art & Animation
Steven studied art history at the "Technische Universität" in Berlin. After his education he spent time at an office for architectural vizualisation. There he discovered his interest in computer generated imagery and a desire to pursue a career in this field of employment. As a lifelong gamer the Games Academy seemed to be next logical step to further his skillset.
For East Galaxy Gaming he is responsible for modeling and texturing game assets as well as leading the art department.
Roger Kellerhals
Art & Animation
After the completion of the compulsory schooling, Roger has been involved with art, graphics and design. Initially, in the creative preliminary course, followed by an apprenticeship as a graphic designer. The main focus of his education was on interactive design, so in the design of websites, banners and newsletters. It also included print design and the design of posters, flyers and company presentations of various kinds.
Since October 2016, Roger has been studying at the Art & Animation department at the Games-Academy in Berlin. His first video game was Mad Bunny and appeared in February 2017.
Leon Lesmana
Art & Animation
Leon had a huge passion for art. As a fact, it was so big that he dropped his initial Job in the technical industry and started out doing what he love and enjoy in 2015. There hasn't been a day he doubted this decision and he is happy to share his visions with each and everyone out there since.
Denny Jonas
Art & Animation
Denny is a trained automotive mechatronics engineer but had to reorient after an accident. Among other things he was bar chef and service manager in a renowned restaurant in Kiel, technical engineer, camera assistant for the film team of Arte / ARD animal documentation "Wildes Berlin" and Terrain & UI / HUD Artist at Trotzkind.
Currently, he is responsible for visual effects, lighting, particle effects, shader programming and destructible meshes at East Galaxy Gaming.
Christoph Marschott
Before coming to the Games Academy, Christoph finished his apprenticeship in 2011 to become a certified computer science technical assistant. After that he worked full-time at an electronics manufacturing facility to assemble electronic devices to save up his budget for the Games Academy.
At East Galaxy Gaming he is currently responsible for programming the character movement, the wave system and miscellaneous small tasks that come up.
David Lawrence
David was interested in game development since the age of 10 years. During school he taught himself how to program small games in his free time using a simple programming language. In the last 3 years of school he made a full game called "Neoncube", which he also released on Steam.
After school David attended the Games Academy in Berlin to this day, being part of three games and working on his fourth game "Proving Grounds" with the "East Galaxy Gaming" team.