Author: Markus Buschek

All good things come to an end…

Hey Sexy People,

It’s goldmaster time! Tomorrow at 9.15am we will do the final presentation of Proving Grounds. You can already download the final game in the download section of our website.

For those of you who can´t wait until tomorrow or until the download is finished, you can watch our trailers on youtube:

Short Version:

Extended Gameplay Version:




The Drone Battle Survival Guide

Step 1:

Draw Grenade

Step 2:

Throw Grenade

 Step 3:

Wait for it

Step 4:


I like big guns and I can not lie….

You other brothers can’t deny….

MX 87- PG Rifle
by Stevo
on Sketchfab

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Close combat, medium range or ranged attack – battle drones (sponsored by Endless Energy™)  will hunt down anybody or anything in no time. Who’s next?!

Let´s get reeady to ruuuuuumble [2 of 2]

In the meantime Roger has worked hard to finalize the second drone. Fun to watch – even more fun to destroy!

Let´s get reeady to ruuuuuumble [1 of 2]

Roger has finished the first drone. It looks stunning when flying around but it looks even more impressive when you shoot it and it explodes into thousands of pieces 🙂

Roger is on fire: East Galaxy Gaming Logo

In addition to the proving grounds game logo, Roger has also finished the East Galaxy Gaming team logo. Thumbs up if you like it!

Proving Grounds Logo

Roger has just finished the logo of our game. Thumbs up if you like it!